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TAKING LOCAL CATCHES to international markets!

Blue Wave Fish Traders services the local and international market by purchasing and processing fresh and frozen fish from local fishing boats for export to international factories and distributors

In doing so:

  • We offer small to medium sized fishing companies easy and hassle-free access to international frozen fish markets via refrigerated sea container to global sea ports,
  • we are able to tailor catches to the specific needs of global markets, thereby optimising resources and contributing to the sustainability of the local fishing industry,
  • we are positioned to best meet the needs of international buyers by guaranteeing the quality of our product and offering tailored processing to the required specifications.

Processing and packing for export

Blue Wave Fish Traders operations are geared toward the buying in of fresh and frozen fish, processing the catch to the standards applicable to our various export markets, packaging and exporting of the finished product.

  • We have agreements with HACCP fish processing establishments where the fish can be processed to suit the specific needs of a particular market,
  • we offer Whole fish, IQF, Block frozen; Headed & gutted, Tail off, Individually wrapped; Fillets, Loins, Portions,
  • we will pack in either Net weight or random weight cartons.

Exporting fish to international markets

We pride ourselves on our logistics and support, and control delivery by sea freight to all major sea ports.

We are registered as an exporter with:

  • SOUTH AFRICAN Dept. of fisheries (DAFF),
  • SOUTH AFRICAN Customs & Excise (SARS),
  • SOUTH AFRICAN Sanitary/Health department & Competent authority (NRCS),
  • CAPE TOWN Chamber of Commerce.

Promoting a sustainable local fishing industry

South Africa has many commercial fish species; some are caught throughout the year and others come in abundance in short seasons specific to the southern hemisphere. It is therefore important to be in the right place at the right time, ensure the fish is responsibly caught, with a view to maintaining and protecting our fishing resources.

Blue Wave Fish Traders prides itself on dealing only with reputable fishing companies and international buyers who share our strong commitment to ensuring sustainability of our local fishing industry.

If you’re looking for a reputable and stable fish trading partner – call us on 021 834 3149 today!