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Winter 2016 has come to an end and the Dry docks in Cape Town are occupied by boats getting ready for the Spring and Summer fishing seasons. One Cape Town Tuna Pole & Line vessel can be seen in the foreground of this photo taken 6th September, 2016. The second boat in the dock is a medium sized wet fish Hake Trawler delivering the familiar white flaky rich tasting Hake weekly in Cape Town Harbour for local and export fish markets.

The Tuna Pole fishery in South Africa uses traditional methods to bring in the tuna involving the age old one man one fish battle. A long bamboo rod is used with a small line and lure on the end. The Tuna are attracted to the boat using live sardines as bait. There are the same sardines that the Tuna feed on naturally, so the environmental impact is kept to a bare minimum. Only surface tuna are caught which are typically adult Tuna leaving the Juveniles to mature and help keep the biomass sustainable for future generations.

The boats will start heading to the fishing grounds towards the middle of October, so look out for the colourfully painted boats leaving by the clock tower near the V&A Waterfront.