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We specialise in the trading, export and import of frozen fish from South Africa

via refrigerated sea container to factories, wholesalers and distributors in Europe, United Kingdom, Asia, USA & Australia.

We tailor catches to the specific needs of global markets

thereby increasing the value of our resources and contributing to the sustainability of the local fishing industry.

We meet the needs of international buyers and fish distributors

by guaranteeing the quality of our product and processing it to the required specifications.

BLUE WAVE FISH TRADERS – taking local catches to international markets!

We deliver to both local and international markets; sourcing, processing and marketing fresh and frozen fish along the East and West coasts of South Africa. We also provide local fishers with easy and hassle free access to export markets while assuring International buyers of high quality seafood products.

Benefits to local fisherman and fishing companies:

  • Committed to always purchasing your catch.
  • We are in daily contact with International fish markets, checking prices and developing new products.
  • Guaranteed payment against delivery.

Benefits to international buyers:

  • We offer a stable supply of fish products sourced from reputable local fishermen.
  • Our quality systems ensure a carefully specified product and professionally prepared documents.
  • Processing of catches can be tailored to individual specifications with unique packaging.

Benefits to transformation and developing the economy:

  • We are committed to sharing marketing knowledge and adding value in partnership with rights holders.
  • The rights of new entrants are defended and participation broadened.
  • Our goal is to promote investments and retain the value chain within the economic borders of South Africa.




Contact us on 021 035 0160 to sell your catch or to source quality fish for your region!